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No Errors

The system is running correctly, no action required.

License will expire soon

Telemetry license will expire soon. Contact us to renew it at supporttelemetry@poweron.it
Renewal does not comport any changes to license numbers, you would just need to reboot the POB and you will be good to go.

Connection to server is not stable

The connection between your pc and the server is not stable. Please check the internet connection of your pc, eventually perform a speed test on your device to assess the bandwidth available on your device. If the bandwidth results to be limited or the wifi signal is low, try to switch on a different network (e.g. hotspot network of your smartphone). If the error persists, please contact the customer support. 

Server is unreachable

Check internet connection on your pc and disable your Antivirus and Firewall for test purposes. Successively use the check function on the POB to verify last transmission between the server and the telemetry. If the pop-up window contains the data requested, you’re able to communicate with the server. If the test gives not a positive feedback, repeat this procedure on different TCP port on the network (link a come cambiare le porte TCP). Please contact the customer support for further help.


PC internet connection is unstable

The pc connection to the internet is not stable, please try to switch to a different network (e.g. hotspot network of your smartphone).

Telemetry connection is unstable

The telemetry is transmitting badly: 

  • Check the device LED to assess telemetry status. If green led is not blinking the telemetry is not transmitting any data. Perform a power cycle, after a minute from power up the green led has to blink. If the problem persists, extract the sim from your device and check connection and credit inside a mobile phone. Finally insert a sim card from a different provider. If the problem persists, please contact the customer support. 
  • Once the connection has been stabilized, please update the telemetry to the latest firmware (link alla guida) . Please pay attention, this procedure requires a stable telemetry internet connection. If you haven’t solved instability issue on previous steps, please download and use the Offline telemetry updater to perform the firmware update (link alla guida).

License expired or in error

Your telemetry license is expired, please contact your distributor for annual renewal.

Connection error or firewall issue

You have no connection to the internet, or the firewall is blocking it. Try to disable both the Antivirus and Firewall before rebooting the POB and try again to connect to the server. If the problem persists, try to connect to a different network (e.g. hotspot network of your smartphone) or perform a speed test to assess the quality of your connection.

Telemetry is not sending data

The telemetry module isn’t sending any data at the moment. Please check LED status on the module: 

  • Red led should be on and steady  -> then the module is power supplied; 
  • Yellow led should be blinking -> then the module is receiving data from the bus line; 
  • Green led should be blinking -> only if blinking the telemetry is able to communicate with the server.  

If green LED is not blinking, please perform a power cycle and be sure the car (or the module) is placed in an area where the 4G coverage and signal are good (e.g. out of the box). If the problem persists please extract the SIM card from your module and test both connection and credit into a mobile phone. Please make sure the PIN of the SIM has been removed, search for the correct APN code for your Operator and be sure you have typed it correctly when configuring the module (link alla procedura) 

Once telemetry connection has been restored, please update the telemetry to the latest firmware (link alla guida) . Please pay attention, this procedure requires a stable telemetry internet connection. If you haven’t solved instability issue on previous steps, please download and use the Offline telemetry updater to perform the firmware update (link alla guida). 

For further help please contact customer support.

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